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United States
I have a lot of things I RP: FNAF, Hetalia, Homestuck, RWBY, Spyro, PKMN and Warriors.

I have Asks and Dares open for my Pokesona Hikari the Espeon.

I will also be doing dares and asks for my FNAF characters: Both the canon crew and my Wonderland Cafe.

You can ask here:… for the canon characters. You can ask on the folders for the canon crew and Wonderland Cafe or just on my page.

I have two family trees set up here:

If you wish to view one ask me about them... one if for my FNAF Purple family tree and the other is for my preferred Undertale families set up.

This is for eventually drawing hypo-kids for each the pairings. You can ask me to add any other pairings that are not on this list.

Consesce X GHB

Condesce X Dualscar

Condesce X Mindfang

Condesce X Aranea

Condesce X Redglare

Condesce X Sollux

Condesce X Handmaid

Condesce X Signless

Condesce X Karkat

Condesce X Jane

Condesce X John

Condesce X Roxy

Condesce X Dirk

Condesce X Jade

Condesce X Sassacre

Condesce X Lord English

Meenah X Feferi

Meenah X Cronus

Meenah X Eridan

Meenah X Kurloz

Meenah X Aranea

Meenah X Vriska

Meenah X Porrim

Meenah X Meulin

Meenah X Mituna

Meenah X Sollux

Meenah X Rufioh

Meenah X Tavros

Meenah X Damara

Meenah X Kankri

Meenah X Karkat

Meenah X John

Meenah X Roxy

Meenah X Dirk

Meenah X Dave

Feferi X Dualscar

Feferi X Cronus

Feferi X Eridan

Feferi X Gamzee

Feferi X Equius

Feferi X Mindfang

Feferi X Aranea

Feferi X Vriska

Feferi X Terezi

Feferi X Kanaya

Feferi X Nepeta

Feferi X Sollux

Feferi X Tavros

Feferi X Aradia

Feferi X Karkat

Feferi X Jane

Feferi X John

Feferi X Roxy

Feferi X Rose

Feferi X Dirk

Feferi X Dave

Feferi X Jade

Dualscar X Cronus

Dualscar X Eridan

Dualscar X GHB

Dualscar X Mindfang

Dualscar X Redglare

Dualscar X Dolorosa

Dualscar X Disciple

Dualscar X Psiioniic

Dualscar X Sollux

Dualscar X Summoner

Dualscar X Handmaid

Dualscar X Signless

Dualscar X Kankri

Dualscar X Karkat

Dualscar X Dirk

Cronus X Eridan

Cronus X Kurloz

Cronus X Horuss

Cronus X Aranea

Cronus X Vriska

Cronus X Porrim

Cronus X Meulin

Cronus X Mituna

Cronus X Rufioh

Cronus X Damara

Cronus X Kankri

Cronus X John

Cronus X Roxy

Cronus X Dirk

Cronus X Dave

Eridan X Gamzee

Eridan X Equius

Eridan X Vriska

Eridan X Terezi

Eridan X Porrim

Eridan X Kanaya

Eridan X Nepeta

Eridan X Sollux

Eridan X Tavros

Eridan X Damara

Eridan X Aradia

Eridan X Signless

Eridan X Karkat

Eridan X John

Eridan X Roxy

Eridan X Rose

Eridan X Dirk

Eridan X Dave

Eridan X Jake

Eridan X Jade

GHB X Gamzee

GHB X Darkleer

GHB X Horuss

GHB X Mindfang

GHB X Redglare

GHB X Dolorosa

GHB X Disciple

GHB X Psiioniic

GHB X Mituna

GHB X Summoner

GHB X Handmaid

GHB X Signless

Kurloz X Gamzee

Kurloz X Horuss

Kurloz X Terezi

Kurloz X Porrim

Kurloz X Meulin

Kurloz X Nepeta

Kurloz X Mituna

Kurloz X Rufioh

Kurloz X Damara

Kurloz X Aradia

Kurloz X Kankri

Kurloz X Karkat

Kurloz X John

Kurloz X Dirk

Kurloz X Dave

Gamzee X Equius

Gamzee X Aranea

Gamzee X Vriska

Gamzee X Terezi

Gamzee X Kanaya

Gamzee X Nepeta

Gamzee X Sollux

Gamzee X Tavros

Gamzee X Damara

Gamzee X Aradia

Gamzee X Karkat

Gamzee X Kankri

Gamzee X Jane

Gamzee X John

Gamzee X Roxy

Gamzee X Dirk

Gamzee X Dave

Gamzee X Jade

Darkleer X Equius

Darkleer X Mindfang

Darkleer X Aranea

Darkleer X Redglare

Darkleer X Disciple

Darkleer X Nepeta

Darkleer X Psiioniic

Darkleer X Summoner

Darkleer X Handmaid

Darkleer X Aradia

Darkleer X Kankri

Horuss X Aranea

Horuss X Latula

Horuss X Meulin

Horuss X Mituna

Horuss X Rufioh

Horuss X Damara

Horuss X Kankri

Horuss X Dirk

Horuss X Jade

Equius X Vriska

Equius X Terezi

Equius X Kanaya

Equius X Nepeta

Equius X Sollux

Equius X Tavros

Equius X Aradia

Equius X Kankri

Equius X Karkat

Equius X John

Equius X Roxy

Equius X Rose

Equius X Dirk

Equius X Dave

Equius X Jade

Mindfang X Vriska

Mindfang X Redglare

Mindfang X Dolorosa

Mindfang X Psiioniic

Mindfang X Summoner

Mindfang X Signless

Mindfang X Jake

Aranea X Vriska

Aranea X Terezi

Aranea X Porrim

Aranea X Meulin

Aranea X Rufioh

Aranea X Damara

Aranea X Kankri

Aranea X Jake

Aranea X Dirk

Vriska X Terezi

Vriska X Kanaya

Vriska X Nepeta

Vriska X Sollux

Vriska X Summoner

Vriska X Tavros

Vriska X Aradia

Vriska X Karkat

Vriska X John

Vriska X Roxy

Vriska X Rose

Vriska X Dave

Vriska X Jake

Vriska X Jade

Redglare X Dolorosa

Redglare X Disciple

Redglare X Psiioniic

Redglare X Handmaid

Redglare X Signless

Latula X Terezi

Latula X Porrim

Latula X Meulin

Latula X Mituna

Latula X Sollux

Latula X Rufioh

Latula X Damara

Latula X Kankri

Latula X Roxy

Latula X Dirk

Latula X Dave

Terezi X Porrim

Terezi X Kanaya

Terezi X Nepeta

Terezi X Psiioniic

Terezi X Sollux

Terezi X Tavros

Terezi X Aradia

Terezi X Karkat

Terezi X John

Terezi X Roxy

Terezi X Rose

Terezi X Dirk

Terezi X Dave

Terezi X Jade

Dolorosa X Disciple

Dolorosa X Psiioniic

Dolorosa X Mituna

Dolorosa X Signless

Dolorosa X Karkat

Porrim X Kanaya

Porrim X Meulin

Porrim X Nepeta

Porrim X Rufioh

Porrim X Damara

Porrim X Kankri

Porrim X Karkat

Porrim X Roxy

Porrim X Dirk

Porrim X Jade

Kanaya X Nepeta

Kanaya X Sollux

Kanaya X Tavros

Kanaya X Aradia

Kanaya X Kankri

Kanaya X Karkat

Kanaya X Jane

Kanaya X John

Kanaya X Rose

Kanaya X Dirk

Kanaya X Dave

Kanaya X Jade

Kanaya X Calliope

Disciple X Psiioniic

Disciple X Signless

Meulin X Nepeta

Meulin X Mituna

Meulin X Sollux

Meulin X Rufioh

Meulin X Damara

Meulin X Aradia

Meulin X Kankri

Meulin X Karkat

Meulin X Dirk

Nepeta  X Mituna

Nepeta X Sollux

Nepeta X Tavros

Nepeta X Aradia

Nepeta X Kankri

Nepeta X Karkat

Nepeta X John

Nepeta X Roxy

Nepeta X Rose

Nepeta X Dirk

Nepeta X Dave

Nepeta X Jake

Nepeta X Jade

Nepeta X Calliope

Psiioniic X Summoner

Psiioniic X Handmaid

Psiioniic X Signless

Mituna X Sollux

Mituna X Rufioh

Mituna X Tavros

Mituna X Kankri

Mituna X Karkat

Mituna X John

Mituna X Roxy

Mituna X Dirk

Sollux X Tavros

Sollux X Aradia

Sollux X Kankri

Sollux X Karkat

Sollux X John

Sollux X Roxy

Sollux X Dirk

Sollux X Dave

Sollux X Jade

Rufioh X Damara

Rufioh X Kankri

Rufioh X John

Rufioh X Rose

Tavros X Aradia

Tavros X Kankri

Tavros X Karkat

Tavros X John

Tavros X Dirk

Tavros X Dave

Tavros X Jake

Tavros X Jade

Handmaid X Handmaid

Handmaid X Lord English

Damara X Aradia

Damara X Damara

Damara X Kankri

Damara X Roxy

Damara X Dirk

Aradia X Aradia

Aradia X Karkat

Aradia X Jane

Aradia X John

Aradia X Roxy

Aradia X Rose

Aradia X Dirk

Aradia X Dave

Aradia X Jake

Aradia X Jade

Aradia X Lord English

Signless X Kankri

Signless X Karkat

Signless X Jake

Kankri X Karkat

Kankri X Jane

Kankri X John

Kankri X Dirk

Kankri X Dave

Karkat X John

Karkat X Roxy

Karkat X Rose

Karkat X Dirk

Karkat X Dave

Karkat X Jake

Karkat X Jade

Karkat X Calliope

Jane X John

Jane X Roxy

Jane X Dirk

Jane X Jake

Jane X Jade

John X Roxy

John X Rose

John X Dirk

John X Dave

John X Jake

John X Jade

Roxy X Dirk

Roxy X Calliope

Rose X Dave

Rose X Jade 1

Rose X Jade 2 – Boy

Dirk X Dave

Dirk X Jake

Dirk X Jade

Dirk X Caliborn

Dave X Dave – Girl

Dave X Jake

Dave X Jade 1

Dave X Jade 2 – Girl

Jake X Jade

Jade X Calliope

Calliope X Caliborn


Dave X John X Karkat

Dave X Kanaya X Rose

Dave X Karkat X Terezi

Dave X Terezi X Jade

Dirk X Dave X Jake

Dirk X Dave X John

Dirk X Dave X Sollux

Dirk X Jake X Aranea

Dirk X Meulin X Nepeta

Equius X Dirk X Jane

Equius X Nepeta X Jade

Equius X Tavros X Feferi



Gamzee X Dave X Tavros

Gamzee X Karkat X Tavros

GHB X Signless X Psiioniic

Handmaid X Lord English X Condesce

Kanaya X Rose X Jade

Kurloz X Mituna X Kankri

Meulin X Nepeta X Calliope

Mindfang X Cronus X Dolorosa

Mituna X Jake X Kankri

Mituna X Latula X Kankri

Porrim X Aranea X Meulin

Porrim X Kanaya X Rose

Porrim X Karkat X Kankri

Porrim X Latula X Kankri

Porrim X Latula X Roxy

Porrim X Meulin X Latula

Psiioniic X Dualscar X Signless

Psiioniic X Signless X Disciple

Psiioniic X Signless X Dolorosa

Redglare X Dualscar X Mindfang

Roxy X Jane X Calliope

Rufioh X Horuss X Damara

Rufioh X Kankri X Arania

Sollux X Aradia X Tavros

Sollux X Karkat X Aradia

Summoner X Mindfang X Redglare

Terezi X Roxy X Jane


Crossover ones

Sollux X Alter Ego (crossover)

OC X Kankri (crossover)


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